About Us

Hello! We're thrilled to see you here!

We're Monika and Ilina -- two sisters based in New York City who are passionate about planning and positive psychology. We create planners and printables that aim to help you achieve your big goals, and live a full, balanced life.

Ilina is the creative mind behind the designs and the tools, and Monika provides her expertise from her psychology education... As well as her expertise in being the ultra-organized planner addict of the family, who writes down and tracks everything!

The problem with regular planners is that while they help you write down your upcoming tasks and events, they don't help you keep in sight the bigger picture of your life. They may help you get stuff done, but they don't help you prioritize effectively and manage your focus.

We aim to solve these problems, and offer tools that will support you on your journey towards a fulfilling life -- a life aligned with who you are, and what you truly want.

Have questions? Suggestions? We'd love to hear from you! Email us at hello@luckylifetools.com to share your experience with our tools and planners, or to ask us anything; and please, do let us know if we can do better in any way.