LUCKY Life Planner 2018

A smart agenda that helps align your daily schedule with your life goals and priorities.

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Regular planners only help you write down your upcoming appointments and tasks. But the the Life Planner by LUCKY Life Tools helps you keep in sight the bigger picture of your life. It also nudges you to plan a fuller, more balanced life, and gives you innovative tools to deal with common life challenges.

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The Goal Setter

It helps you see the bigger picture of your life: define your life areas, set your goals, prioritize, and create a plan of action. It contains the:

- LifeMap (Life Areas) - helps you see your whole life at a glance.
- Prioritizer (Life Balance) - helps define how your life areas and goals relate to each other
- Goals List (medium & long-term)
- Individual Goal Worksheets
- Goals/Projects Timeline
The Agenda Planner

The Weekly, Monthly and Yearly agenda/calendar pages include:

- Weekly Habit / Routines Tracker
- Monthly Goal/Project Timelines
- Weekly reviews, Quarterly Check-ins and an Annual Review
- Focus & Top Goals/Priorities
- Tasks List
- Daily Tracker
- Major US Holidays
p - Moon phases
- Weeks start Monday
The Life Tools

Reflect on life and tackle common life challenges with the:

- Self-inventory Worksheet
- Life satisfaction wheel
- Decision maker
- Habit builder/breaker
- Belief changer
- Mood booster
- Creativity booster
- Internal Resources
- Vision page
- Lists & Notes (grid/squared + lined)

The planner also features quality paper that won't let pens and highlighters bleed through; tabs (laminated for Deluxe and printed marks for Light versions); a ribbon bookmark; and it's spiral bound with Wire-O.

There are two versions of the planner:

INCLUDED PRINTABLES: All planners come with instantly downloadable & printable versions of most pages in them, as well as the CLUB Printables, including the Travel Planner, the Financial Tracker, the Relationship Builder, and more.
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